Robot Reveal Party

The end of the build season is approaching, and we want to invite YOU to see our finished robot! When everyone returns from Winter Break, we will be having a robot reveal party for administration and our TCS families. Snacks and STEM activities will be provided, as well as tours of our workshop and robot. Hope to see you there! More details in our flyer, also posted below.

Please RSVP to

Do I really need to learn Algebra?

Two students today determined through observation and measurement the mathematical function that correctly inferred target distance based on relative target size. By reporting target size and target offset from center through the MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) protocol, our Raspberry Pi vision co-processor provided our robot controller with the telemetry needed to center the target by rotating the robot frame, and then move our robot forward to the correct field location. So, if you ever wondered if you will use the math you are taking, the answer is yes! You should have seen these students’ smiles when they realized that the math that they had been learning in class and writing down on paper actually applies and works in our 3D world!

2017 Season Kickoff at Georgia Tech

Members of our team went to Georgia Tech today for the 2017 Season Kickoff! It was a wonderful experience for the members, full of teaching and learning. The students got to walk around the campus, and they had a lot of fun. Hannah Rosenhack, our Team Captain as well as Safety Captain and Tech Club President, had the opportunity to present our safety program! The NCR Corporation helped with the safety plan review, and we would like to thank them for that. The future looks bright!

Robotics Season Kickoff

The 2017 FIRST Robotics Season is officially underway! Our team watched the kickoff video for FIRST Steamworks live, and had the first workshop of the season. We discussed strategies, tactics, and ideas for our robot, and already made the first metal cut for construction. We are especially enjoying our new work space, Rex Terra (land of the king) in this cold weather. The team is very excited to see what the year holds!

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