2018 Power Up Design Draft v2

The chassis is complete and we are working on the elevator superstructure now. The design is pretty well along, and we think we’ve solved most challenges. That final gripper mechanism is the last major piece; we’re still prototyping. The gripper drive gears are inspired by the Modulox gearboxes. We’ll add some non-driven pivot points in front of the big gears and attach a two-bar linking mechanism on both sides to actuate gripper arms.

Open questions are gear ratios for the gearboxes that will drive the gripper carriage (side-to-side, or X-axis travel) and the gripper actuator. We are thinking it will need to be pretty high just to get speeds down to a manageable place. Maybe 30:1 for the carriage and about 80:1 for the gripper. Check it out and let us know if you see problems or improvements! A screen capture is below, and the CAD STEP file is 2018 Rex Power Up v2 v56.step.